Consider The Evidence: Med/Peds Journal Roundup

January 31, 2006

Treat and Street the PE

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ArchIM 1/23 – Now that we have LMWH in our toolbox, maybe patients can get treatment for pulmonary emboli in the comfort of their own home. Michael Fine, who helped create the mortality prediction rule for CAP, contributes on this Archives article that attempts to find the low-mortality risk subset of patients with PE. Maybe we can start treating these patients as outpatients as well? (more…)


D-dimer Value in Recurrent VTE

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ArchIM 1/23 – This weeks Archives features 3 articles focusing on PE/ VTE.
D-dimer can help us rule out PE due to its high sensitivity, but will the presence of prior VTE result in too many false-positives to make it useful? In Le Gal, et al report that PE was ruled out by negative D-dimer in about 16% of pts with previous VTE, vs about 32% of of those without previous VTE. (more…)

Adverse Effects Data Sucks

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ArchIM 1/23 – Now that COX2-gate has put adverse event reporting under the microscope, Rief et al. look at the data from placebo groups from several statin trials. Interestingly, rates of most adverse effects in placebo arms varied significantly from study to study, as well as from the “general population”. Sound fishy? (more…)

January 30, 2006

Mission Statement

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In the tireless tiring effort to stay up to date on the latest journal articles – I set out to find a source of article summaries that 1.) spanned the major journals (at least in medicine and peds) 2.) highlighted the intriguing content and 3.) spared me the agonizingly dull details (basic science)

And, of course, I found nothing. — So I created this blog in the hopes of forcing myself to stay current- and on the off chance that someone else may actually find and read it.

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