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January 31, 2006

D-dimer Value in Recurrent VTE

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ArchIM 1/23 – This weeks Archives features 3 articles focusing on PE/ VTE.
D-dimer can help us rule out PE due to its high sensitivity, but will the presence of prior VTE result in too many false-positives to make it useful? In Le Gal, et al report that PE was ruled out by negative D-dimer in about 16% of pts with previous VTE, vs about 32% of of those without previous VTE.

Bottom Line: D-dimer can still be useful to rule out PE despite prior VTE, but works only about half as often when compared to patients with no history of VTE.

Value of D-Dimer Testing for the Exclusion of Pulmonary Embolism in Patients With Previous Venous Thromboembolism
Grégoire Le Gal; Marc Righini; Pierre-Marie Roy; Oliver Sanchez; Drahomir Aujesky; Arnaud Perrier; Henri Bounameaux
Arch Intern Med. 2006;166:176-180.


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  1. my 18 yr old daughter has been told that her d-dimer level is 52 and at times has been higher yet no cause can be determined other then sever abdominal pain. we have done MRI and MRV and doplar of legs all negitive however we can’t seem to pin point the cause of the there any connection to d-dimer and digestive caused ie acid reflux just looking for answers as the doctors that we go to are stumped. Thanks for your assistance.
    Trish Starrett

    Comment by Trish Starrett — September 20, 2006 @ 10:23 am

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