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February 15, 2006

will RIO make you less grande?

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JAMA 2/15 – Do we finally have a drug to help combat obesity? Eagerly awaited results of the RIO trial are published in this weeks JAMA. Rimonabant (trade name: Accomplia) is a novel approach to reducing obesity and other CVD risk factors by targeting endocannabinoid receptors. This is the product of a hotbed of research targeting the signaling pathways that facilitate appetite and weight gain. RIO is the first large scale study of the safety and effectiveness of the drug, and it followed patients over 2 years. The results? Well I guess every little bit helps, but – keep looking for that magic pill.

Not to understate the success…Rimonabant definetly seems to help shed about 10lbs or so and there are significant positive effects on cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity. However, there was a huge dropout rate in the study drug population – subjects with BMI greater than 30. The fact that the results still held up through an intent-to-treat population adds to the strength of evidence, but its definitely concerning that half of the study population dropped out. I think the study used a good word to describe the results … “modest”.

We know that even a modest weight loss can have very positive effects on insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, etc., but this does not appear to be a drug that will vanquish obesity.

Effect of Rimonabant, a Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Blocker, on Weight and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Overweight or Obese Patients
RIO-North America: A Randomized Controlled Trial

F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD; Louis J. Aronne, MD; Hassan M. Heshmati, MD; Jeanne Devin, MS; Julio Rosenstock, MD; for the RIO-North America Study Group
JAMA. 2006;295:761-775.


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