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July 10, 2006

Decaf Drinkers Deftly Dodge Diabetes

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ArchivesIM 5/26 – While there has been some recent controversy over the risks and benefits of coffee consumption for diseases such as diabetes and MI, the exact cause for these effects is unknown.

In the current Archives, Pereira et al. present further investigation of this phenomenon using data from an 11-year, 28,000 patient observational trial of post-menopausal women. They found a significant inverse relationship between coffee consumption and incidence of diabetes. In the most comprehensively adjusted model, the results were only significant for decaf drinkers. Unfortunately for the majority, the difference in this model was only significant for drinkers of 4-5, and 6+ cups a day.

Now if they can only explain the purpose of drinking decaf coffee at all, let alone more than six cups of it per day??


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  1. I am a coffee addict, I love the taste, smell and i have to admit — the caffeine. I hear a lot of people bash the decaffeinated coffee drinker, and while I can understand some of the comments, when I read this article I had a thought pop inot my head — what if the decaffeinated drinks are in actuallity the biggest fans of coffee? Why else would they drink coffee if not for a love of the taste, smell etc? Makes you think about things in a whole new perspective.

    Comment by Brotherhood of the Bean — July 11, 2006 @ 4:57 pm

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