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August 3, 2006

Actually useful research on dieting?

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ArchIM 6/24 – It is rare enough to see an RCT involving diets, but rarer still to see one with useful results. A study by McMillan-Price in last week’s Archives addressed the issue of diet content. Favor has recently fallen on low glycemic index foods and high protein content. But does this strategy make a difference in weight loss? Yes and No.

The study design divided subjects into 4 groups. Two were high in protein, and two high in carbohydrates. Each pair consisted of a high and low glycemic index group. The overall weight lost was similar in all groups. Bummer, this is starting to look like every other diet trial…

However, LDL levels declined the most in the high-carb, low-glycemic index group, and increased in the high protein, high – GI group. BUT the women in that group (high-protein, high GI) had the greatest number of subjects that lost more than 5% of body weight.

So maybe for women there is something to the Atkins idea as far as weight loss, but this is offset by an increase in cardivascular risk factors(LDL).


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