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February 20, 2007

Statins and Heart Failure

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Circulation 2/6 – Treating to New Targets (TNT) was one of many recent statin trials investigating the utility of high-dose treatment with very low LDL-C goals for improving cardiac outcomes. In a recent issue of Circulation Khush et al. published a subgroup analysis of data related to exacerbations of heart failure among trial participants. The study examined the number of hospitalizations for heart failure among the subjects in both the intervention (high dose atorvastatin) and control (usual dose atorvastatin) group.

The investgators found that those with CHD were about 26% less likely to be hospitalized for HF in the intervention arm. Those with CHD and prior CHF were 41% less likely to be hospitalized for an exacerbation. The authors of the study noted that in most cases there was no preceeding ischemic event such as MI or UA prior to the exacerbation. This led them to conclude that the protective effect in heart failure is not simply from the reduction of coronary stenosis alone, but rather an independent effect of statins on heart failure.


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