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July 6, 2007

Do SSRIs reduce bone density?

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ArchivesIM 6/25 – The current issue contains a pair of articles that make a connection between SSRI use and bone mineral density (BMD). The pair of observational studies by Diem et al. and Haney et al. seperately studied a cohort of men and women respectively. The study involving women showed a greater yearly decrease in BMD when compared to nonusers as well as trazodone and TCA users. The study of men simply showed overall lower mean BMD associated with SSRIs as well with no effect seen from TCAs.  Obviously both studies suffer from the typical observational methodology pitfalls – but definitely merit further investigation. The main question to be answered is whether this effect translates into a greater clinical risk of fracture or other negative outcomes.  Given the large burden of both depression and osteopenia in the elderly, clearly the interaction needs further study.


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    Do SSRIs reduce bone density? | Consider The Evidence: Med/Peds Journal Roundup

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