Consider The Evidence: Med/Peds Journal Roundup

March 30, 2006

Dont count out G-CSF just yet….

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CMAJ 3/28 – Well it didnt work for the heart, but can it work in the brain? G-CSF is a promising treatment for the regeneration of infarcted tissues, due to its trophic and chemotactic effects on stem cells. However, in a JAMA article covered earlier this year, the treatment failed to improve outcomes in MI.

This month, Shyu et al. present a phase I study of such treatment for improving stroke outcomes. Although there appeared to be some benefit, the teeny-tiny (n=10) size of the trial precludes any major conclusions. It seems promising, however, that the group treated early with G-CSF achieved higher stroke-scale scores that the ususal care group. The study did also affirm the safety and feasability of the treatment (as is the point of phase I trials). Larger phase II trials are in the works that will hopefully show conclusively that G-CSF can be neuroprotective as well as stimulate new neuron production.



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