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March 7, 2006

Attack of the clones: Community Aquired MRSA

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Community Aquired MRSA and the USA 300 clone are making news in two journals this week… Get used to those stupid yellow gowns 😦
AnnalsIM 3/7 – A study by King et al. in The Annals of Internal Medicine documents the epidemiology of community aquired MRSA in a major hospital system in Atlanta, GA. The study included patients with community aquired skin and soft tissue infections due to Staph aureus. The results show that a majority (63%) of S. aureus isolates were methicillin resistant. 99% of the CA-MRSA samples that were further analyzed were the USA 300 clone.

A second paper, by Graham et al., analyzed the NHANES data on nasal swabs taken in a population sample. They found that, “The prevalence of colonization with S. aureus and with MRSA was 31.6% and 0.84%, respectively, in the noninstitutionalized U.S. population.”

Lancet 3/4 – An article in the Lancet by Diep et al. details the genome of the USA300 clone and the particular elements that lead to its epidemiology and virology. Frankly, much too dense for me to read more than the abstract – but I’m glad somebody else cares… (more…)


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