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March 4, 2006

Trio of Tysabri papers while drug awaits fate

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NEJM 3/2 – When the Multiple Sclerosis drug Tysabri (Natalizumab) went to market, it quickly became a favorite among many neurologists for treatment resistant MS. Just when many MS sufferers got their hopes up about this first selective immunomodulator for the disease, the drug was pulled from the market due to two cases of PML reported by manufacturer Biogen Idec. Now, the The Journal presents three articles addressing the safety and efficacy of the drug.

Polman et al. demonstrate a reduction in relapse as well as progression in a placebo-controlled trial out to two years. (more…)


February 13, 2006

R.I.P. Physical Exam

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NEJM 2/9 – This weeks New England has a couple of interesting editorials on the dying art of the physical exam and whether the golden age of the stethoscope is over?

Public Health departments are not just for tracking STDs anymore… an article by Steinbrook describes the NYC effort to require mandatory electronic reporting of HBA1c levels this year. I, for one, hope this is the start of a trend.


February 3, 2006

Sugar, Sugar – Gluose control in the MICU

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NEJM 2/2 – Greet Van den Berghe has rocked the world of critical care with her work championing the benefits of intensive blood glucose control. Her latest paper on the subject appears in this weeks New England. And the results are…good. Mabye not quite the blockbuster as some of the earlier work, but

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